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High-tech con artists may be trying to steal your money. They are doing so with an email scam that has already baited some of our customers. It is called "phishing." The email scam tries to lure customers into disclosing their credit card numbers, PIN numbers, bank account information, Social Security number and other sensitive information.

The cyber criminals send fake emails from big-brand companies often using stolen logos. The fraudsters will tell you they need to "update" or "validate" their billing information to keep your account with them active or claim they are investigating fraudulent activity on your account and direct you to a "look-alike" Web site. Unknowingly, consumers submit their financial information to the scammers, who use it to withdraw funds from your account.

Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Do not open emails from unknown sources.
  • Never enter your PIN number online. If you are asked for it, the site is a scam.
  • Beware of any email that links you to a Web site asking for personal and financial information.
  • Look for spelling and grammar errors (this often indicates a fake email or Web site)
  • Review your credit card and bank account statements immediately upon receipt.
  • Report suspicious activity to the Federal Trade Commission. Send the actual spam email to . If you believe you have been scammed, file your complaint at

Please note: Mid America Bank will NEVER ask you to submit personal or financial information to us via email. No matter how convincing an email may look, do not give out personal information. Feel free to call us at 608-752-2265 if you have any questions.

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